Our Atlassian Add-ons

Amplifier for Mattermost

Amplifier for Matermost is Herzum’s newest addition to the Atlassian Marketplace. Apps for Jira, Bitbucket and Confluence (coming soon) allowing configurable, bidirectional integration with Mattermost. Configure your channels directly from Jira or Bitbucket with user-friendly configuration panels. Robust policies allow you to control notifications by project and channel, selected by event type, and with JQL filters. Avoid notification overload and put the relevant information in front of the right teams.

Herzum Quick Linker

Quick Linker allows JIRA users to create linked issues with a single click of a button. Administrators can configure, among other things, source/destination for projects/issue types and the labels for the buttons that create/link your issues!

Herzum Approval Add-on

The Herzum Approval add-on provides a simple and flexible way of managing and processing the approval of JIRA issues. Administrators can easily define approval criteria based on workflow transitions or project/issue types.

Herzum Moderator Approval

The Herzum Moderator Approval (HMA) is an add-on for Bitbucket that lets you define, at a project or repository level, Moderators that need to approve a pull-request before merging.

Herzum Attachment Manager

Herzum Attachment Manager is a powerful add-on for JIRA that lets you define, at the project level, the maximum number of attachments and also overwrite the default JIRA maximum attachment size.

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