Atlassian provides the tools to help every team unleash their full potential. DevOps requires end-to-end tooling to fully optimize and automate the Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment pipeline, address the security challenges and quality assurance challenges, achieve hypercollaboration between Dev and Ops, and allow teams to swarm to rapidly resolve issues with full traceability. Let Herzum help your team unleash Atlassian. Agile and DevOps practices today have evolved from development teams to include quality, security, operations and engineering personnel. The “Shift-Left” mentality seeks to create more autonomy and responsiveness from developers. Achieving proper governance, risk management, traceability, audit, and compliance involves closing feedback loops throughout the enterprise.



Atlassian tools help to define of workflows to automate review processes in the Continuous Deployment pipeline. Multiple opportunities exist to integrate Jira, Confluence, Bitbucket and Bamboo with other deployment tooling to provide dashboards for orchestrating release automation and ensuring expedited approvals and governed delivery. Innovative Atlassian technologies such as Jira, Confluence, Stride, Hipchat, Bamboo and Bitbucket form a suite of tooling to automate a DevSecOps practice and integrate disparate constituents.


Our consultants can automate, accelerate, and secure your delivery pipeline and recommend the right solution for your DevOps objectives. We have experience with not only Atlassian and RedHat products, but also many other tools in DevOps-and years of Agile and DevOps transformations successes. We can optimize tracking requirements and releases across the SDLC and into production, support rapidly swarming to address issues and fix them, and address any other DevOps requirement.


Multiple teams in diverse locations and time zones? No problem! Realtime collaboration should be integrated with your project management, development, and operations tools. Swarm your issues and enable digital dashboards for effective collaboration. Integrate your development, operations, knowledge management, project management, and support tools to facilitate collaboration and automate.


From setup to integrated solutions, from Atlassian product support to advanced best practices, from training and coaching to complete agile and SAFe transformations, our consultants can support every need in your Atlassian adoption. We have the experience to resolve your adoption challenges and implement the technical and business solutions to your Atlassian objectives. Read more