Herzum is the perfect partner to help bridge the divide between Dev and Ops teams. With our pedigree in Atlassian and agile, we can optimize the Dev teams–we speak their languages. Our experience as a Red Hat Business Partner gives us the expertise and toolset
to work with Ops. Continuous deployment requires automation, traceability from requirements to production environment, and a help desk fully
integrated into the backlog. Herzum deploys integrated tools to allow hypercollaboration to swarm to problems, with ChatBots providing automated updates from project and production tools.

Success with DevOps includes easy release planning, automated releases (across environments), QA and security scanning, and sprint and release traceability from requirement to code to test cases to test to release. Herzum leads the latest technology trends to support easy creation and tracking of environments, development-level view into IT Operations, and development intreated with monitoring and cloud.
Herzum helps large and small organizations scale Agile, optimize DevOps, and succeed with increasing Team Collaboration–all while adopting cutting edge automation and collaboration tools. Contact Herzum to help your team.


  • Agile Transformations (including SAFe)
  • Agile and DevOps Health Checks
  • Transformation Planning & Roadmaps
  • Coaching, Pilot, and Project Support
  • Automated CI/CD Integration
  • Agile Testing and QA
  • Human and Cultural Perspectives
  • “Everything Atlassian”
  • Complete IT Automation Solutions
  • Training for Agile, DevOps, Atlassian
  • RedHat, Sonatype, and QASymphony
  • Kubernetes, and Docker Support


Our health check will analyze your current practices and improvement opportunities, and provide a roadmap for accelerating your Continuous Delivery and in DevSecOps adoption. Our experienced consultants can complement or lead your teams as required, and our advanced tools and technology
experience will provide the most innovative and cost-effective solution to your DevSecOps objectives. Let us make sure your CD/CI is fully automated and secure.