June 2019, ADACI Fucinandum

When: Fri/Sat, June 21/22, 2019

Where: Villa Fenaroli Palace Hotel in Rezzato (Brescia) Italy

Also this year Herzum will be present at the 7th Edition of ADACI's Fucinandum on the 21st and 22nd June 2019 at the Villa Fenaroli Palace Hotel in Rezzato (Brescia) called: NEGOTIORUM FUCINA "VALUE BUILDERS: NEXT GENERATION".

The Fucinandum 2019 round tables will be:

  • Advanced Manufacturing
  • Supply Chain Innovation
  • Logistics
  • Lean
  • Internationalization
  • Infrastructure and Public Administration
  • Facility, ICT and Services
  • Industrial and Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  • Business Travel
  • Food Industry
  • Project Management / Budget Management
  • Risk Management

The topics that will be addressed will cover the future of procurement.

The themes of Fucinandum 2019 will range from the use of social networks, information flow as well as artificial intelligence and automation solutions for data management in an effective and efficient manner.

You can find the complete program here → https://online.flippingbook.com/view/597654/ , but if you want to register directly for the event use this link -> https://shop.adaci.it/fucina-21-22-giu-2019.html.

In addition to the daily role of investing the best way in corporate resources, supply management managers are increasingly involved in constructing a strategic contribution aimed at increasing business results.

How will tomorrow's procurement look like, will it be very different from today?

Perhaps many traditional tactical activities will disappear and fast decisionsalternative evaluationselectronic tenders and overseas customer and supplier management will increase.

Artificial intelligence and automated solutions are a reality that challenges the common way of working whilst offering alternative solutions and new approach to work.


Herzum is an International Consulting Company, one of the largest Atlassian partners in the world. The group was created in March 2000 in Chicago and has offices in Italy, India and the United Kingdom. It is committed to expanding its geographical presence since 2016. It provides latest-generation Agile and DevOps services, advanced consulting at Company level, as well as the development of customized applications for companies around the world.

Herzum manages projects and organizations from the start-up phase to the Fortune 100 level.



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