Confluence Advanced Events








Organizations and technologies are rapidly changing, leading to higher levels of collaboration within and across enterprises. You may be using Confluence as a wiki, but are you using Confluence to gather ideas and collaborate? We can help you increase team collaboration and adopt innovation practices. We’ll discuss best practices and how some of our customer’s use Confluence, show some well-known and some not so obvious features, as well as demo a few of our plug-ins.

Join Herzum as we dive into maximizing your collaboration and cover these topics:

  • Demo our favorite integrations, plugins, templates, and tricks for Confluence.
  • Gathering project plans, product requirements, meeting notes and collaborate on ideas.
  • Compare the features and benefits of Confluence Data Center.
  • Roadmap for integrating chat with Confluence.
  • Establishing a knowledge base for your teams.

After the presentation, join the reception and networking event and continue the discussion with our experts over complimentary food and drinks. There is no charge for this event.