Mattermost Services

Mattermost offers a cost-effective, enterprise-grade chat tool that deploys behind your firewall. Mattermost is the secure, on-prem alternative to Slack’s cloud-only service. Enjoy agile collaboration in your server or in your private cloud with control, privacy, security, legal compliance, and scalability required by top enterprises.

With Herzum’s help, Mattermost can be fully integrated into your Atlassian tools and other leading-edge technologies to allow collaboration powered with everything from notifications to automated chat-bots. Mattermost offers secure modern communications behind your firewall and without sacrificing privacy. Self-hosting your chat tool simplifies legal compliance and reduces risk. Mattermost is an open-source tool that is scalable and customizable.

Let Herzum manage your Mattermost set-up and migration from HipChat or other tools. Contact Herzum to learn more about how Mattermost can be integrated into your team’s tools. Herzum is a leading reseller of Mattermost licenses and can help with license discounts and technical guidance.

HipChat to Mattermost Migration Tool

Herzum developed an automated tool to migrate painless data from Hipchat to Mattermost. ( Read more about HC2MM )
Herzum is also creating a set of prepackaged integrations between Mattermost and Atlassian products. If you are interested in learning more about the benefits of adopting Mattermost as your on-prem chat tool, then sign up for our email list by clicking the link below.

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Herzum is also happy to discuss integrating Mattermost into your ecosystem. Chat should be the backbone of every team’s collaboration, whether your team is doing sales, HR, devops or cat herding. Herzum is a leader in scaling collaboration to support the CI/CD pipeline. Read More

When the tools your team uses to get work done are integrated with your chat tools, then you are working together. Contact Herzum to discuss how we can help your team work together with integrated chat.